Dalriada Rural Sure Start

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A bit of breathing space

As well as visiting families at home, the family visitors deliver courses such as walking groups and the family nurturing programme, which is a fabulous 10 week support and information programme for
parents. This course covers a wide variety of family issues, how to encourage self esteem in your children, behaviour management ideas and most importantly how to nurture and look after yourself! We highly recommend it to all of our parents.

The family visitors run groups for parents in Bushmills and Ballycastle on a weekly basis with free crèche and free activities provided. The parents have a say in what they spend time together doing, and can range from arts and crafts, making Story Sacks for the children, doing courses to help encourage children’s development relaxation therapy and dance classes!

The family visitors in Armoy also run a weekly family group called “Playtime at Tilly’s” open to parents, carers, grandparents and childminders to bring the children along for some play.