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Come with us for a Sure Start

Aquanatal is a 5 week gentle exercise programme in water for pregnant mothers.  It is run by a midwife, fully qualified in Aquanatal.


When your body is in water the effects of gravity are reduced.  It becomes more buoyant and you experience a wonderful feeling of weightlessness.  This is especially relevant when you are pregnant and carrying round more weight than usual.  It cushions the joints from compression and helps mobility.  Water also gives its own resistance so it can increase the effect of exercise, this means that you can enjoy more gentle exercises knowing they are just as beneficial in water as a tough workout would be on dry land.


Aquanatal classes can be started from 12 weeks of pregnancy, after your first scan has confirmed your dates.


A few hints:

  • If it is your first time arrive a little earlier to complete your health questionnaire.
  • Have a snack before you come
  • Keep hydrated – drink water before, during and after the class


Why not come along to a session and meet other mums-to-be in your area.  These are popular classes so please book as early as possible to ensure a place.


Please phone Kerry on 028 207 30444 to book a place or for more information.